Colour Scheme Consultation

The right colour can bring your home to life in ways you’d never imagined.

Knowing what you like or want is one thing. But turning your ideas into a perfect colour scheme can be trickier than you think. With so many colour and wallpaper options, its easy to make choices that aren’t quite right and that’s annoying to live with and costly to change.

Anyone who wants to feel confident about their choice of colour or wallpaper or anyone who has selected their own scheme and wants a professional review of their choice will benefit from a Colour Consultation with Jeannie. Jeannie hasĀ  built a wealth of experience working exclusively as a Colour Consultant in the project homes industry for the past 8 years. Her service includes help in picking colour scheme with specific colours and wallpapers and provides all the information your painters need.

A 60min consultation with Jeannie costing $240 (incl GST) will include a Colour Specification Pack that is mailed to you. This pack will include A4 size brush-outs of colours selected and all other details required for you and your painters to get on with the job.

A Colour Placement Plan documents your chosen colours and wallpapers in there exact location clearly indicated on plans or drawings of your property. This service removes the chance of errors by the painter. This service is recommended if your home is a little more intricate than most or if your home is yet to be built. The Colour Placement Plan are an additional $100 (incl GST) each for interior or exterior.

*travel to and from locations beyond 15km of Hamilton GPO incur a travel fee of $1.90/km.

Call Jeannie on 0438 616676 or email to book an In Home Consultation