Professional Builders and Developers

“It’s been a pleasure to have worked with you over the past 10 years, your efficiency and calm and confident manner you bring to our projects certainly makes my job as a builder a lot easier. The fresh ideas you have on improving a home’s appeal while working with our clients is first class.”

Paul Smart

JLD offers this service to shrewd builders and developers who want to create demand for their product in any market. Turn our interior design savvy into your secret sales weapon!

Bringing together a successful, profitable development takes tonnes of time and loads of skill. You may assume that a professional interior designer service will only add time and expense to the project. The truth is that having new home buyers fall in love with your property doesn’t take time or a big budget … It takes a smart interior designer!

As a professional builder and developer we understand you may not have the time or interest to spend co-ordinating tiles & paint colours, etc. Going with whatever your suppliers suggest might seem like the obvious time saver but could mean your property ends up being a mishmash of average ideas and less than stylish look. With our help it could be so much better.

JLD can give you a designer-look development without the budget blow out. Because we know where you should spend a little and where you can save a lot. Our designer, Jeannie Little has developed a solid reputation working with builders and building designers. With 8 years working in the project home building industry  under her belt, she has gained extensive understanding and knowledge of the new home building industry, its demands and logistics. So, by having her on board you can be assured the interior design of your project is in capable hands.

Optional finishes boards or selections boards can be created to  suit your budget and target market. This allows potential buyers to get a better understanding of your product and capture their imagination and excitement. We  understand that capturing the heart and imagination of a new home buyer is essential for a speedy sale and this can be successfully done using design to trigger an emotional response in buyers.

Jeannie is available to  work directly with builders and developers clients to assist in the selection of both exterior and interior finishes including, taps, PC items, tiles and other surface finishes, paint selections etc. Being engaged early in the project, Jeannie will assist clients to resolve their brick, roof and window selections so that these important elements will meet the clients appearance expectations while still remaining within the project budget. This also assists the builder because Jeannie deals personally with the client in that important early stage of the project. The builder is then presented with a detailed selection schedule clearly and concisely documenting every items specification, size , colour, code, supplier and placement details as selected by the client. The schedule arms you with everything you need for a streamline ordering process, saving you time and money.

Let us create a customised services bundle to suit your scope and budget so you can get on with other important decisions knowing the interior design of your project is in professional hands.

Call Jeannie on 0438 616676 or email to find out how our Professional Builders & Developers Service can transform your property developments..

Multi dwellings, assist clients with selections