Pre Sale Styling

To Style or not to Style?…Is it really worth it?… Absolutely it is!…

Using every possible way to maximize price when selling a major asset is a very wise move. The potential financial gain far outweighs the cost of styling. Styling a property for sale will ensure you capture the widest amount of interest and the highest possible price in the shortest possible time.


Real estate agents will testify to the  fact that property styling for sale greatly effects the amount of competition created amongst buyers which consequently makes for higher selling price. Buyers will pay a premium for a home that looks and feels amazing. A sure way to achieve a great response from potential buyers is to have the property professionally styled. Clever application of colour and design principles by a trained Stylist can transform the perception of an ordinary home into an extraordinary one.

Percy Street before



With the internet now being the window to the property market, stunning photos are imperative if you are to set your home above the competition. The style of your property needs to demonstrate clean uncluttered lines, the optimum use of space and professional use of colour. Our Stylist will style each room accordingly so that each offers its own definitive appeal to the potential buyer. With so much competition in the market, and limited time available, this can be the determining factor for a  buyer in choosing which property to inspect.

Styling may be for two or three main rooms or a ‘style package’ can be created for the whole property including outdoor areas. Our Stylist will make recommendations regarding de-cluttering, colour schemes, furniture placement and /or complete room makeovers to enhance the visual appeal of the property.

JLD Property Styling Service begins with our stylist, Jeannie, inspecting the property either with you and/or the agent (we can provide quotes from floor plans). She will work closely with you and your agent to gain a greater understanding of your home and the demographics of your target market. Recommendations will then be made with regards to any repair work, painting or de-cluttering that can be done. Then depending on whether the property is vacant, partially or fully furnished, the number of rooms to be furnished and the style to best suit the target market will be discussed. Measurements and photos may also be taken for reference. You may decide this is as far as you need to go with our Stylists service, you feel comfortable and confident enough to move forward on your own knowing we are only a phone call away. However, following the property inspection our Styling service can continue, providing you with a detailed schedule of recommended works to be completed, proposed furniture and furnishings to be installed with layouts for each room and a step by step plan of how the job should run up to the day of photos. This will be presented to you in detail by our in Stylist and any questions you have can be answered. This may be as far as you wish to take our service and once again know that we are only a phone call away. Once the schedule has been accepted our Styling service can continue and  include our full  team working to implement this schedule, saving you time and stress. Quotes will be provided for furniture hire, trades completing work & repairs. Our team can organise for work to be done by gardeners, handyman, cleaners, we can even arrange for furniture removal, delivery and storage…whatever it takes! Our Stylist is at your service to meticulously plan and control your job, place furniture and décor items, hand art work, dress bedding and do all the staging required to achieve the ‘WOW’ factor. Attention to detail is the key, and our Style team at JLD pride ourselves on it.

“I never thought it could look so good”

Styling for sale - backyard before



WORK TO YOUR BUDGET – if budget is limited our style guru Jeannie has a distinct nak for working with your furniture and furnishings to still achieve amazing results.

A 90min Style Consult and Property Inspection costs $220 (incl GST)

Property Styling Schedule costs $320 (incl GST). Schedule includes;

  • Works to be completed, such as repairs and maintenance, painting, cleaning, decluttering, etc.
  • Detailed layouts for furniture placement.
  • Mood board – a visual for each of the rooms to be styled & images showing recommended pieces to be hired and /or purchased.
  • Other handy hints on how to prepare your homes for photos and open house inspections.

For our Property Styling Schedule Implementation service  a customised quote will be arranged.

*travel to and from locations beyond 15km of Hamilton GPO incur a travel fee of $1.90/km.

Call Jeannie on 0438 616676 or email to book an Inspection.

“Over the past 15 years I have worked with Jeannie on the sale of a number homes in the area, and with each of these homes, Jeannie’s direction in style, interior design and attention to detail has benefited the owner’s immensely, leading to higher selling prices and lower days on market, all while maintaining the homes’ integrity. As a real estate agent I am happy to recommend Jeannie to any person wanting to improve their homes appeal and maximize its true value. Having had the privilege of selling homes that Jeannie has worked on, has allowed me to achieve record prices for clients in the area. Jeannie is a great asset, and I would highly recommended her services.

Kind regards,

George Rafty
Licensed Real Estate Agent”

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